Motorcycling Hints and Tips

Here you will find hints, tips, and suggestions from the motorcycle staff at Motohio. These tips are intended to maybe save you a little time, money and frustration in your Motorcycle Adventures.

Gearing up

It always amazes me to see people riding around without the bare minimum of riding gear. I've been around long enough to remember when a helmet was the only piece of protective gear that we bought specially for motorcycle riding. Jeans, jean jacket, driving gloves and maybe boots completed the riding gear. Over the years I have come to recognize the value of protective clothing.

The strides made in motorcycle gear over the past 20 years have been phenomenal. Not only does today's clothing keep you warm or cool, they offer an incredible amount of protection to your limbs and back as well. The value of proper gear and its effectiveness is brought to my attention daily being in the dealership full time and living in a motorcycling family my whole life. My husband has been on a bike consistently for the last 42 years, my son is a professional motocross racer and my daughter has been racing motocross since she was 8 years old. Not to mention my lifetime of riding as a passenger and now owning on my own street bike and dirt bike.

I have been an eyewitness on more than one occasion when the right gear has given the rider enough protection in a crash, asphalt or dirt, to limit the damage to minor abrasions and momentary disorientation. Impacts of this magnitude without gear and the rider would have been looking at permanent injury or death.

Today virtually every manufacturer of motorcycles has a full line of branded gear ranging from helmets to boots and everything in between. There also are a very large number of aftermarket companies that produce a wide variety of gear. With so many choices how does a consumer determine whats right for them?

Motohio has the experienced staff to help you in your choice of safety gear that is highly abrasion resistant, has CE approved armor for protection, offers comfort and is stylish to boot! Our specialists can explain all about the benefits of the latest gear no matter what brand you choose to purchase.

Here are the key pieces you will need:

  • Helmet We highly recommend that all riders wear a helmet regardless of the laws in their state. Not only for the protection but you will be more comfortable and be protected from the elements and wind.

  • Jacket & Pants Cover your entire body in motorcycle rated leather or motorcycle specific materials with armor in the contact areas. Street jackets and jeans shred upon impact with the rode

  • Boots Motorcycle specific boots are sturdy and supportive.   Non- slip soles keep you from sliding on slick pavement. Boots also provide good protection for the bones in your feet, ankle and lower leg.

    There are 26 bones in your feet, 33 joints and more than 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments!

  • Gloves What do you stick out first when you fall? You say your hands? That's right, they need to be protected and comfortable so don't overlook this critical piece of the ensemble.

    When selecting motorcycle gear think high visibility. Drivers commonly do not see motorcyclists so make yourself as visible as possible. Bright colors and reflective surfaces are now the standard in riding apparel.

    The right motorcycle gear serves a multitude of functions. It keeps you warm when its cold, cool when its hot, offers protection against loss of skin, reduces the possibility or severity of broken bones, keeps you dry when its raining, and given the right colors, keeps you visible in traffic and at night. Choose to protect yourself and increase visibility to minimize the risk of injury and increase your sense of well-being.

  • A good motto to adopt: Wear all the gear all the time!